How it Works



1. Starting your exciting bidding adventure for an upcoming auction!

Explore Products: Discover our genuine and original products, all sourced from Authorized Dealers/Distributors in the UAE. Choose your favorite product to begin your bidding journey.
• Buy Your Ticket: Just click on the product or ‘Login/Register’ at the top-right corner of the website, then complete registration to purchase your ticket for the desired product through secured payment gateway.
• Choose Your Bidding Strategy: Opt for Manual or Auto Bid, set your Maximum Bid Limit and Bid Increments, with the option to modify anytime.

2. Joining exciting bidding at live auction

• Click on the live auction you want to follow.
• Monitor the Bidding Leaderboard.
• Place your bids, and alter your strategy as needed. You may switch between Manual and Auto Bid anytime and adjust your bids freely.
*Here, no special skills required. Every bid elevates your possibility of triumph to secure your win with a guaranteed savings of up to 30% or even more by bidding smartly!"

3. Claiming your product! The highest bidder wins
• Pay the Bid Amount through a secured payment gateway
• Choose to pick up the item from the Authorized Dealer/Distributor or have it delivered to your doorstep.