Frequently Ask Questions

What Is Big Auction?

Big Auction is an online platform that provides everyone with an equal chance and opportunity to participate in thrilling auctions by bidding on brand new, genuine, and original items of your choice and compete for a chance to win. For bidding on an item, customer must buy a ticket for the auction they prefer and start bidding.

I am new to Big Auction; how does it work?

Our website features a full tutorial. You can access this tutorial at any time by

Is it possible thaIs it someone won the auction with a bid placed after the auction closing time?

In a typical auction with a fixed End Time, customers cannot bid after the auction has officially ended. Once the designated is reached or the Maximum Bid Amount is reached, the bidding is closed, and further bids are no longer accepted. The highest bidder at the End Time of the auction is considered the winner, and the item is awarded to them. It is important for customers to place their bids before the auction concludes to have a chance at winning the item.

How many tickets do I need to buy to participate in the auction for a specific item?

You will need only to buy 1 ticket at the auction to be eligible to bid on the item. There is no limit to the number of bids you can place for a given item in a specific auction.

When will the auction start?

The auction starts when either of these scenarios take place. 1- all available tickets are sold. Or, on the time and date mentioned in the specific auction. However, either scenarios, you will be notified with the start time and date of the specific auction.

What if a bid was placed at the last minute of the auction time?

In the event of a bid placed at the last minute of an auction, the Big Auction System will give an extra 90 seconds after the last bid time to give a chance for other bidders to increase their bid. 90 seconds will be added after each highest bid till no other bidder places a higher bid.

Why does the bidding End Time for certain items sometimes exceed the published End Time?

To ensure fair bidding, we have a system for “Sudden Death” bids. If a bid placed within the last minute of an auction, an additional 90 seconds will be added to the auction closing time. This prevents multiple bids in the last seconds. For instance, if a bid placed with 37 seconds left; the auction closing time will extend by 90 seconds, resulting in an auction closing time of 2 minutes and 7 seconds.

What if two bids are placed in the last minute of the auction time with the same amount?

The Big Auction System gives a timestamp for each bid (This can be viewed in Bidding Leaderboard). In this event, and if your bid is not the highest, the Big Auction System will give you an extra 90 seconds to place a higher bid. Please refer to the answer on question number ‎7.

How can I find and be notified about items I wish to bid on?

You can explore the items listed in the “Upcoming Auction” page and click on them and they will automatically be added to the Wish-list in your account with Big Auction. Also, you can get updates about new auctions and items through setting up automatic notifications. Auction details will also be available on our website and social media accounts.

Will you provide an item which I want to bid on and never come in the Big Auction?

Absolutely. You can send us “Request for Bid” with the name and details of the item you wish to bid on. Once we have enough number of bidders requesting for the same item, we will place it on the Big Auction website.

What is the bidding incremental methodology?

The bidders will have the option to increase the bid amount by 3 fixed values on top of the current highest bid on the item. The reason we do this is to make sure that all participants have a fair chance to place their bid amount based on their bidding strategy. This methodology will prevent people from driving the price up in one single bid and not letting others place their bids.

What is an Auto Bid and how does it work?

An Auto Bid allows you to set a Maximum Bid Limit you are willing to bid on the item and the Bid Increment Amount of your choice. You do not need to keep monitoring and bidding manually. If someone outbids you, the Big Auction System will place a bid on your behalf as per the Bid Increment Amount you set. Rest assured; Big Auction System will NEVER exceed the Maximum Bid Limit you have set. If someone bids higher than your Maximum Bid Limit, we will notify you so you can decide if you want to place another bid or increase your Maximum Bid Limit.