About Us


Introducing Big Auction

Introducing Big Auction, the UAE's most trusted, and user-friendly bidding platform! There is no luck, no draws. It is an experience with equal opportunities, transparent transactions, and the thrill of competition to win. We are here to revolutionize your shopping experience,offering you an opportunity to engage in exciting auctions like never before. Whether you are a seasoned bidder or new to the game, Big Auction is designed to make your experience enjoyable, transparent, and rewarding. Do not just shop but compete, win, and celebrate brand-new, genuine, and original Products. Welcome to the future of shopping in the UAE and start with Big Auction!  



 We at Big Auction recognized a gap in the UAE market where customers are seeking a reliable platform to bid on brand new, genuine, and original products.

Many of the current options platforms rely on chance, such as draws, which leaves customers dependent on luck, or to bid on second-hand or confiscated items, and this is not us.



Our solution

A platform that combines choice, control, and authenticity. Customers can handpick products from a diverse range and participate in real-time bidding with their peers. Big Auction offers customers, whether affluent or budget-conscious, the opportunity to participate in auctions tailored to their budgets. This not only elevates the entire shopping experience but also ensures that they are getting brand new, genuine, and original products at competitive prices from authorized dealers /distributors.